• Tropical Wedding Cake
  • Vegetable Print Pattern
  • Poppy repeat pattern
  • Christmas Tree Card
  • Leonard Cohen portrait
  • A-Z British Wildlife lino print
  • Bluejay repeat pattern
  • Change of Address printed cards
  • David Attenborough portrait
  • Birds of Portugal lino prints
  • Panoramic Pete portrait lino cut
  • Countryside Lino prints
  • Pink Stream lino print
  • Song Book 101 Jack Sharp
  • Walter J Wallis Ukedelia
  • Brighton Komedia Sealife Attack
  • Cactus Club
  • Brighton Wheel Sealife Attack
  • Dinosaur Wedding Invitations
  • Fuchsia Repeat
  • Aunty Flo
  • Far Out Poster 1
  • Hairstyles
  • Far Out Poster 2
  • Fantastica T-Shirt Prints
  • Peugeot
  • Tara and Jason Wedding Invitation
  • Under The Sea Zine

About Me

Scarlett Rebecca

Hello, I am Scarlett Rebecca, an illustrator, doodler and printmaker living in Brighton. I work predominantly with hand drawing and hand printed methods to produce my work. I have a great fondness for the handmade, I make my work using traditional printmaking techniques such as linocut and monoprint, I then combine these gorgeous handmade textures with digital techniques.

I am interested in editorial illustration, designing for surface pattern and art licensing. If you would like to work together, please send me an email, or you are very likely to find me drawing at the Brighton Sealife Centre.